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โœ“ Good website
โœ“ Different categories available
โœ“ Free to use
โœ˜ Annoying pop-up ads
โœ˜ Can get confusing
โœ˜ An account might be needed

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#1. UkPunting Alternative

ย  ย  Yo! Welcome to another one of our posts where we make sure to drop honest reviews on escort sites in different countries, well that's not all we do but if this is your first time being here, feel at home and chill while we check if the site is enough to get you chicks that can satisfy your cock. UKPunting is what we have on the ground to discuss, we will be talking about the pros and cons of the website, as well as what I think about it. Here is my UK Punting review.

Are punters on the loose?

ย  ย  Punting? Is the first question that came to my mind when I heard the name of this forum, what does a person that bets have to do with hiring hoes in London or some shit like thatโ€”probably maybe they like to bet on the pussies they pull? I felt dumb when I realized punters is also slang used to identify escort customersโ€ฆ lmaoooooo.

ย  ย  Well, let's jump right into the websiteโ€”I love the web design, it has that nice forum feel and is not too clogged with sub forums and shits that get you confused, oh and it is also easy to navigate. Quick info on UKPunting, it is not a forum or site to hire escorts, rather it is like a mini Reddit for hoes and escorts, where different people that hire escorts, or punters as they call it, come together and talk about their experiences with these chicks and they even have guides on how you can go about hiring an escort in the UK.

ย  ย  Although I said they don't have categories that can piss you off, they still doโ€”not in the sense of pissing you off because itโ€™s about 5 or 6 categories that are well laid out. They include massage, reviews, sugar daddy, transgenders, and of course, every other thing that comes under these categories. It is free to use, but being me who loves looking deep into the pussy directory like I run a shelter, I stumbled upon a roadblock. They want me to log in to be able to view some posts which I feel is ridiculous because I am here for information, so why lock me outโ€ฆ ugh!

Clear and confusing

ย  ย  Sometimes I get pissed at forums for some unknown reasons but one thing I do know is that I dislike forums because their posts are always like they are on the level of Lex Luthor or Tony Stark in terms of IQโ€”they are always talking like they are woke and are secretly plotting the downfall of the world and terraform mars. This was exactly what I found confusing about UKPunting, like if this is meant for reviews, just skip the chit-chat and long talk and talk about the sexperience you had with Annabelle or Michele, donโ€™t ask me Quora type of questions.

ย  ย  I mean, here is a topic I found โ€œEscorts no longer working that you miss?โ€ although I found it interestingโ€”people talking good stuff about past pussies, I still find it uninteresting because posts like these make it hard for people to stay focused and find reviews on who they are looking forโ€”yep, it is distracting.

One hell of a Review

ย  ย  Yo check this one out, lmao I actually burst out laughing.

When: 1st half of 2022

Where: a flat near Liverpool street. I understand she moves around and is not there anymore

Price: 160

ย  ย  I walked. Maybe the service would have been amazing but I walked, she was simply too fat and ugly.

ย  ย  She was short, really ugly facially, had some kind of dental braces on, and overall she was just really fat. I get it that the naturally busty tend to be on the curvy side, but there's curvy, and there's blobs of fat.

ย  ย  I noticed she has only 8 negative reviews and about 50 positives, and the negatives were for no shows rather than for poor service. I don't know if she has put on more weight recently, if there are maybe more girls sharing the same profile, or if other punters simply have different preferences. But no way was I going to pay ยฃ160 for that.

ย  ย  I guess that more girls sharing the same profile is a possibility, because, even if her eyes are blurred, what you can see from her face in the profile picture looks does not look much like what I saw in the flesh.

ย  ย  When she opened the door and I saw her, I simply said: “I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, but I don't think I can do it".

ย  ย  This is what Iโ€™m talking about, this is why reviews are needed, sheโ€™s an escort from AdultWork UK but doesnโ€™t look like her pictures at all, lmaooo.

Is UKPunting Reliable?

ย  ย  You bet it is! UKPunting is a reliable forum for escort reviews in the UK, the honest reviews of the users are actually interesting and good. The positive ones are clear, and the negative ones are funnyโ€”so this might be a site you want to visit before hiring escorts in the UK.

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