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Easy to navigate
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Lots of escorts
Good looking escorts
Scanty and undetailed escort profile pages
No language options

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#1. UkrHot Alternative

    How hot do you feel in your sack when there is an Atlantic ocean of cum waiting to break open through the floodgates of your penile shaft.

    Well, the Ukrainian hotties on the escort site I’ll be reviewing today might just be the missing link between your flooded testicles and a tension relieving cumshot when you’re somewhere in Ukraine and your balls are hot from the pressure of clumped up sperm cells. is the site I’m referring to and while I write you a Ukrhot review, let’s hope your tesctlcles are not fried crispy when you’re done finding out about the hotties on this site.

Hot For Hryvnias

    These babes must be among Ukraine’s hottest snatches and probably that’s why this site is called Ukrhot. So just what would it cost to get hurt in your sack by these hotties?

    Diana is 25 years of age, lives in Chernihiv, and is packed full of every asset needed to hypnotize your pecker. She charges 1500 UAH/ 41 USD for 1 hour.

    There’s Anna who’s a 23 year old stunner with soft and supple butts. She lives in the Galitsky district of Lviv. Anna charges an hourly rate of 2000 UAH/ 55 USD.

    Darina is pretty daring with her tits and has a well shaped and cum inviting body. She lives in the Dnipro and has her hourly rate set at 2000 UAH/ 55 USD.

    Now, these rates are in no way near to what escorts in the States charge and well the fact that way less should make you smirk at your dick, chant while your balls chime like bells and get a one way ticket to Ukraine.

Beautiful Ukrainian Thots That Could Hurt Your Eyes

    Now the Ukrainian thots here are not just beautiful, they have pretty alluring cunts that’ll make you want to shave your dick bush and go for some deep cunt exploration in no time. The escorts here are of good quality and it’s pretty obvious.

    Also, navigating to escort profiles is not difficult since escort profile thumbnails are present right from the homepage. Thumbnails don’t show much information but only display escorts' photos and their locations. Profile pages on the other hand have a good deal of relevant information and you’ll find escorts’ names, locations, phone numbers, going rates, and a short bio that show details like escorts’ age, weight, and height.

    Now, while the babes here look pretty legit from their photos, most profiles are not picture detailed enough and contain just single photos of escorts. Well, this is one of the things that makes the escort profiles here look as scanty as the fresh looking bare butts of escorts. Single escort photos are not a good sign. For all I care, just how are we supposed to believe that these asses were not yanked off the internet and placed in these profile pages?

    In general, the profile pages here are pretty straight to the point and I can’t help but feel that the brain behind this design must have a knack for quickies. Well, while these pages are not altogether in a sorry state for their barebutted look, they’ll look way better if they at least contained a list of the services escorts offer. The escort asses here on the other hand are pretty good looking and could make you wish to have your dick hibernating within the corners of their cunts for months.

It’s Hot At Home

    Can your schlong comfortably comprehend Ukrainian? Well, if yours can’t like mine, then your landing here on the Ukrhot homepage might tilt your boners to the side a bit because every single text is written in Ukrainian and there are no language options available. Well, while a translator will sure be of help in navigating this site, this is definitely more stressful and having language options on site would have been a whole lot easier.

    The design here is as simple as sticking a hard boner in a slippery cunt. The Ukrhot homepage is designed with a white background and has its texts written in mini sized fonts. It’s quite easy to navigate and has its contents well spaced.

    Again, the arrangement here makes it easy for your dick to scroll through the page. There is a search bar that allows you to filter your search by location found at the top alongside the login, registration, and add advert buttons. Under this search bar, the screen is split into two sections including the choose city and categories sections. And yeah, escorts’ asses are the very next thing your bulging lusty eyes will meet here on the homepage. Escort ads run till the bottom of the homepage here. Also you’ll find the about us, contact and site map, and my account sections at the very bottom of the page here.

    In general, the Ukrhot homepage has a simple design and is easy to navigate, and all these are qualities that are pretty impressive for lusty wank rods like mine that are not attracted to wank creams.

What I Think About Ukrhot

    While this site is not altogether perfect or even one I’d recommend with my full chest, you can still try these guys out when your boners are red hot. Apart from the fact that there are no language options here, the ease of navigation is something I appreciate and a feature that’ll sure come in handy when your rock hard cock would rather listen to a cunt than succumb to the scrubs of a wank lotion. But, again you don’t want to be too selective here as it’spretty suspicious that most escorts don’t have more than a photo in their profiles and so there’s no guarantee that you’d get exactly the same cunt you asked for. Well, if you can’t settle for these, then it's best you head to some other site while your testicles are still in your sack.

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