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Free to use
Good looking escorts
Good number of escort ads
Easy to navigate site
Brief but detailed escort profile pages
Dated site design
Many escorts don’t state their services and prices
No language options

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    Now I was amazed to find out that the term pirata is Spanish for pirate. Like what the fuck do these guys mean by Uruguaypirata? Uruguayan pirates? Well, yeah! Uruguayan pirates. But then this is an escort site, so remember the only pirates you’ll be finding here are those that come with their army of shaking boobs in search of rock hard boners to waste. And my oh my! I don’t mind having my woody wasted over and over by some jiggly butted and large titted pirates. I mean treasures were meant to be pirated by the way, so why not have these bitches dig me up?

    Well, if you’re hungry for some cum desiring Uruguayan bitches, then give to your scrotums the pleasure of rolling in on my Uruguaypirata review. Now, while I key Uruguaypirata.com into my browser and begin writing you a review, get ready to bare your dicks just in case you’re lucky enough to have any of the cock harvesting pirates here launch a pleasure attack in your direction. Well, read this already you soon to be pirated horny hung stud!

Pirates And Gold Are Agelong Friends

    Pirating your wickedly savage cock is not something the pirates here want to do unless your cock is gold plated. Well let’s find out just how much gold will qualify for thick enough plating.

    Antonella is blonde and 25 years of age. Well, she looks like she’s not new to pirating cocks with her big natural boobs and jiggly butt. Antonella is up for erotic massages, orals, tongue kisses, pampering and caresses, etc. She is available for incalls and outcalls and has her rates set at 1,200 UYU/ 29 USD for 1 hour.

    Ever imagined what Adam’s eyes were fed to in the garden of Eden, then meet Eve who is 26 years of age and has her ass looking as soft as the cushiest sofas on earth. Eve’s services include massages, kisses, pamperings, kisses, orals, and more. Eve is available for incalls and outcalls and charges 3,000 UYU/ 72 USD for 1 hour.

    Camilu is 20 years of age, tattooed on her large right butt cheek and blessed with curves that could make even Greek goddesses eat their tits out of envy. Camilu’s offers GFE services and is up for both incalls and out calls. She has her rates set at 1,000 UYU/ USD for 30 minutes and 1,500 UYU/ 36 USD for 1 hour.

    Now, my balls have almost jumped out of my sack out of excitement because of the going rates here. These prices are way lower than what escorts in the States charge. Well, why bother? That’s why there is such a thing as exchange rates.

These Pirates Come With Horny Pussies

    Escorts is really what our dicks have gathered here for and while there are no cunts airing themselves for your view on the Uruguaypirata homepage, just how do you steer your cock to some wet cunts?

    Navigating to escort profiles is pretty easy, you simply have to click on either of the three red buttons on the homepage. So whether you’d love to have your dick playing ping pong in some escort’s cunt or want your butt hole gapping as it greets the universe, you’ll find buttons to lead you to male, female or trans escorts ad pages right on the homepage.

    Now, clicking on either of these buttons brings up a page full of escort ads, but I’ll focus on the killer asses and splendid boobs displayed in profile thumbnails of female escorts. The babes here are good looking in quality and well you’ll find the gorgeously shaped teen bodies as well as the horny adulterous mommas whose cunts weren’t banged enough in their youth. And well, there are about 378 of these female escort snatches here, which means your dick has more options than your college school test gave you in your multichoice tests.

    Escort profile thumbnails are arranged in rows containing three each and show escorts names, locations, verification status, and points that show escorts have received positive reviews. Profile pages on the other hand are pretty straightforward in design and structure and have escorts’ contact details and photos on the left side of the page and escorts’ details as well as like and dislike buttons on the right side.

    While escort profile pages here are not unnecessarily burdened with details and are pretty easy to glance through, many escorts don’t state important details like their services and going rates. Notwithstanding, I’d still stake every strand of my dick bushes for the neatness of the profiles here, perusing profile pages for relevant details is as easy as shooting cumshots from your cock after it’s been ridden sore by a tight and wet cunt.

Taking The Battle To The Homefront

    If nakedness was a site, then the Uruguaypirata homepage would be its homepage. Well, it’s a site for spreading cunts and showcasing titties by the way and just maybe that’s why the design here is just as bare as a shaved cunt.

    To begin with , this homepage design is pretty archaic and could definitely use some juicing up. The background color here is indigo and there are a number of red colored buttons while the texts are written in white fonts. Well, you won’t have to move a sperm cell in your scrotum to locate the contents on this page since everything is literally located at the top of the screen and there’s nothing to scroll down to.

    At the top of the page are the start, contact, register, and login buttons. You’ll also notice very easily the female, male and trans escort buttons. And well, that’s pretty much all there is to the homepage here, it’s really a quick cumming experience.

    Now, there’s so much that could be done on this homepage. From design to content, the look here is rather archaic and just not teasing enough to convince my pecker to peep in further. Again, there are no language options which means you’re either Spanish speaking or these guys don’t really care to pluck a strand of their dick hairs on your behalf and so there are no language options here on the homepage. Well, we brought our boners to the homefront to battle but there’s really nothing to war with here.

What I Think About Uruguaypirata

    I recommend this escort site, although these guys are in dire need of some site design updates. Well, the snatches here are pretty alluring and despite the fact that you’ll be needing a translator if your testicles don’t vibe well with Spanish, navigating is quite easy and your cunt hunt is sure to yield a cumload of results. Sell your testicles and build a mansion so you could spend your days with the snatches here already!

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