Videkilany Review

โœ“ Quality escorts with verified profiles
โœ“ Has trans, BDSM, male and female escorts
โœ“ A nice assortment of filtering options
โœ“ Has options to view the site in 3 languages
โœ“ Escorts mention the services they perform and the ones they donโ€™t
โœ˜ No search Filter for location
โœ˜ Parts of the website remains untranslated
โœ˜ Escorts do not really mention prices

Score 74/100





Quality Of Escorts


Spam Free




#1. Videkilany Alternative

ย  ย  I don't know why but when I read the names of Hungarian escort sites it makes me think of spelling mistakes made by an English-speaking psycho, or someone who's hungry. I know that I can be crazy when I'm hungry. The last time we reviewed and this time we have Videkilany. hu. Is it just me or when you read Videkilany you see video-kill-any. To me, it seems like a code left by a serial killer for his next crime. Could just be that I'm the crazy one, my therapist certainly thinks so. She says you review escort sites for a living there's got to be something wrong with you!

ย  ย  Well lucky for you I didn't listen to her. If you are currently in Hungary and starving for some escorts then look no further. Today I'm about to tell you about a Hungarian escort site that might just Satisfy your extreme appetite and satisfy that hunger even though you'd have your nutsack drained! Here's my review.

Hunger Satisfied! Or Willingly Suppressed?

ย  ย  Well believe it or not videkilany does both. It has amazing escorts that are more than capable of satisfying your hunger but at the same time, there are some irritating flaws about the site that you'd rather stay hungry and look elsewhere.

ย  One irritating flaw about this site is that it believes itself to be a high-end escort site and so the escorts do not list the rates for their services. Try imagining how annoying that would be if you were starving, sitting in a high-end restaurant where the menu has delicious pictures and descriptions of each item. Later you notice that there aren't any prices listed along with the items. How much time would you have to waste trying to talk to the waiter to get him to tell you what the prices of each item are, while you're just barely holding it together?

ย  ย  If asked, I'd say that the escorts here charge about USD 120 to 180 per hour of companionship. The price does seem affordable compared to other places.

A Fuck Worth Killing For

ย  ย  The escorts on this Hungarian escort site do have very classy profiles. Of course, the website layout itself is very professional. It actually looks quite similar to a job search website. Here you can find ads for female escorts, massages, Dominas, couples, male escorts, trans escorts, hotels sex dungeons, sex clubs, and sex shops. Just book whichever service makes your mouth water and your dick hard the most!
You'll find search filters for ads on the left side of the website. Just bring your cursor over to the left and the search filters pop out. There's also a search bar in case you need to look for something specific.

ย  ย  The focus here is primarily on female escorts and masseuses. Stands to reason they use the most seductive and sensual images for their profiles. You can clearly see how desperately they are trying to seduce you.

ย  ย  There are also some profiles that have verified photos. This is a wonderful feature that allows you to confirm whether the escort that you meet in real life and the escort that you see in the ad is the same. Verified profiles are shown at the top of the ad listings and the more you scroll down, the more unverified profiles you'll find. It's best to ask these escorts for a video call confirmation and if they disagree then you can ask them to go fuck themselves.

ย  ย  One amazing thing about this website is that escort profiles are extremely informative. They mention all the different services that the escort is willing to perform under the heading “I like it/I do it". It also mentions what services she will charge an extra fee for, as well as services that she won't do under the heading “I don't like it/ I don't do it". This will help you find out beforehand whether you should even bother trying to chat with the escort if you want to do something out of the box.

ย  ย  The site also mentions various things about the escort like her age, her measurements, height/ weight, hair color, eye color, nationality, and languages spoken. So, if you have the hots for Taylor Swift, you could look for a skinny tall blonde green-eyed chick and imagine that she's Taylor Swift while you fuck her.

ย  ย  Another great thing about this website is that it allows you to check the ratings and reviews of the escort. Now not all escorts allow past customers to leave behind reviews. You'll have to try a few times before you find a profile with reviews.

ย  ย  The site is originally in Hungarian but luckily you can choose between 3 languages; English, Hungarian and German. You'll find the option for this in the top right corner of the website.

ย  ย  Escort quality on Videkilany seems above average, but I suggest you only go for verified profiles or else who knows who actually shows up.

No Thank You, I'd Rather Starve

ย  ย  Videkilany despite its wonderful features has a few things working against it. The site design is impeccable but at times you will find that not all the text is translated into English. Especially the review section is only in Hungarian. I tried to view the entire site in Hungarian and then use Google Translate to read the reviews but the translations ended up being comically wrong.

ย  ย  ย Although Videkilany has some wonderful search filters they do not have one of the most important ones; search by city. What use is being able to view escort ads when you can't even meet them.

ย  ย  I would say that the site has above-average features but lacks a couple of very important ones. there are no ads or spam on this website.

What I Think of Videkilany

ย  ย  I think that Videkilany can benefit people who are trying to find a good-quality escort at an affordable rate. Of course, they will have to spend more time trying to find an escort near their location but the escorts here are worth the effort. However, if you do not have that much time and can afford to spend more money, then you should look at other websites.

ย  ย  Either way, the good features of this site outweigh the bad, making it at least worth a look. So go on try it out. Let out that starving animal inside you!

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