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โœ“ Good site design
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#1. Videkilanyok Alternative

ย  ย is as confusing as meeting a hermaphrodite, and you don’t know if to penetrate the cunt, or you would want to explore the fantasy of the shaft and see the wonders it can do because what the fuck does videkilanyok means? On the other hand, it sounds like voodoo. Anyway, I’d love to solve this mystery.

ย  ย  Meanwhile, Videkilanyok is bringing to you some of Hungary’s sweet escorts, so make sure to stay glued to your screen; I hear they’ve got good bodies, so I’ll leave your cock to be the judge of that.

Vide Not Void, Right?

ย  ย  Since name is a hard nut to crack, I guess as long as it doesn’t mean void, everything’s good. So, whatever you’re expecting the homepage of to be, I think you’ll just need to lower your expectations so you don’t get disappointed. If it turns out to be hot, then take water to quench your thirst; if it is cold or boring, then improvise.

ย  ย  So, the landing page of this homepage looks dull; the colors used make it look so boring. Of course, the logo is in view, and then a list of counties to choose from. There is a prompt that asks you to click on any region if you are looking for a sex partner. I love the fact that goes straight to the point.

ย  ย  Funny enough, there is a prompt to click a button if you see a job abroad. Kindly avoid it, or get ready to face the music. Well, below the job prompt is the list of counties and the areas under them where you can find escort girls. Be careful; some options under these county’s categories are very confusing.

ย  ย  In between these counties, categories are different third-party ads, and that’s what makes the site look a little bit lively. The bottom of the page is clothed with reasons why you should choose escorts from This homepage is just different from what you would want to see on a regular. Anyways, what’s next?

Vide Not Vile, Right?

ย  ย  The homepage of is disappointing already. Indeed, it gave off a void vibe. I hope escorts here won’t be vile anyway because that would be a deal breaker. After seeing the homepage, I’m sure you are confused about what escorts here should look and behave like. Let’s hope there will be light at the end of the tunnel, though.

ย  ย  So click on any county, and let the escapade begin. So, whatever county you choose displays escorts in that region, and just like the homepage of the site, this homepage of these escort thumbnails is not encouraging. It’s so dull and plain; aside from the booties you see, nothing is entertaining or exciting.

ย  ย  So, escort thumbnails here carry the escort’s name, age, weight, and height. Escort’s pictures are also present on the homepage. These pictures are of low quality, and it also makes these escorts look like they are not of good quality. Anyway, the profile pages of these escorts had better be consoling.

ย  ย  Escort’s profile pages look jampacked; there’s so much going on here, but there’s good news, blokes: these girls have got detailed profiles. There’s so much to know, from personal details, schedules, services, photo galleries, etc. It feels good to know that there is something good about

Are These Escorts Real?

ย  ย  The poor quality of these escorts and their thumbnails make it almost believable that they are fake because these girls are supposed to be attractive. I get it that they are beautiful; after all, I mean, I would be lying or blind to say I didn’t see those booties. They’ve got great bodies too, you know.

ย  ย  The thing is, yeah, some of these escorts have their faces covered or blurred; some don’t even face the camera at all. This is a fact to prove that these escorts are not fake. Also, you can choose to buy an RL membership so as to view all reviews and ratings on the datasheet.

ย  ย  Aside from this, you can also view escorts’ reviews on their profile page, that’s if they have any, and so far, these reviews are positive. Notwithstanding, no matter the evidence available to prove the genuity of these escorts, make sure to think with your brains first before your cock.

Are Rates Here Void Too?

ย  ย  The fact that the homepage of looks void doesn’t mean escort rates here are void. Whether or not these girls have a rate attached to their profiles, it doesn’t mean they should be disregarded because I can’t stand not having boobs to suck on, especially when I’m in a bad mood.

ย  ย  Well, there are no rates stated anywhere on, but that’s fine, as escort rates here can be judged from other escort sites in the region. So, on average, you’re sure to find rates between $150 and $200, on the low end, less than $100, and on the high side, from $250 and above.

What I Think Of

ย  ย  Everything about is so exhausting, from the site’s name, which is capable of giving you a headache, to the shabbiness of the homepage, and then when it seemed like the profile pages of escorts would be good, it worsened the case by being so clustered, alongside the terrible design.

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