Quartier-Rouge Review

โœ“ Free
โœ“ Lots of escort ads
โœ“ Well detailed escort ads
โœ“ No spam
โœ˜ Not very easy to navigate
โœ˜ Homepage is choked with words
โœ˜ Site looks overcrowded

Score 66/100





Quality Of Escorts


Spam Free




#1. Vivastreet Alternative

ย  ย  As I read the URL for this escort site, Iโ€™m forced to imagine a street full of bitchy asses and wet cunts moaning chants as I ram each dripping wet cunt with my stiff and beefy rod. If this were ever to happen, then Iโ€™ll gladly call this dream street by the name Vivastreet and invite you over so we could spend our horny days on this dream street verifying the tightness of each dripping wet cunt with a thick load of cum. Man, I sure do have a dream!

ย  ย  For now, letโ€™s leave the dreaming to Joseph while he contemplates what to do with Potipharโ€™s wifeโ€™s milf ass and cut to the chase with knowing about the Belgian escorts site called So, Iโ€™ll be doing a Vivastreet review today, and while my dream street doesnโ€™t exist โ€“ at least not yet- you can be sure as hell that has an ass or two that could ride a stiff-necked rod to a cum splashing frenzy! Letโ€™s hop in dudes! Itโ€™s Vivastreet review time.

Minted Notes For The Bitches

ย  ย  I bet Belgium is not just popular for tasty chocolate bars, Belgian bitches must have cunts that taste just as sweet or maybe even better than these bars. Iโ€™m pretty sure I wonโ€™t think twice about sparing a chocolate treat to go stuff my hard chocolate bar in one such wet cunt and milk it dry of all its juiciness! Well, if youโ€™re joining me, youโ€™d come along with some minted notes.

ย  ย  Now letโ€™s see how many fresh mints will do for a Vivastreet escort. Tania is a red-haired and stunning pawg of Latin origin. Sheโ€™s 23 years of age and claims to be woman enough to satisfy your needs. Well, her rate is 100 Euros for 30 minutes and 150 Euros for 1 hour.

ย  ย  Nora is quite the stunner, with a plus-size booty, perfect tits, and palms like that of a goddess. Sheโ€™s 31 years of age and gives every kind of massage at 80 Euros for 30 minutes and 130 Euros for 1 hour.

ย  ย  In general, the prices charged by Vivastreet escorts are moderate in comparison to what escorts charge in the states.

Sampling Pussy Profiles On Vivastreet

ย  ย  Belgium must really have a good number of pussies treated on the daily, I mean the Vivastreet escorts have pretty shaved cunts that seem to be mowed regularly. Belgian fuckers must be damn good at mowing pussy lawns, especially those on Vivastreet. Letโ€™s flip through some pussy profiles.

ย  ย  Escort profiles on are not the first thing that meets your eyes on visiting this site. Vivastreet itself seems to have a lot going on besides just cocks humping pussies through a glory hole. In essence, youโ€™ll have to dig a little deep to begin perusing through the scores of escort profiles available on this site. Getting to where these pussy profiles are populated requires you to click on the homepage's search bar, select the escorts and massages option, and select a region in Belgium to search.

ย  ย  In general, there is a good number of independent escort profiles on this site, and escorts are just of average quality. Escort picture thumbnails give a brief but sensible summary of all the necessary info needed about each escort. This summary shows the name of the escort, age location, and a short note on themselves.

ย  ย  Clicking open an escort's profile reveals a picture slideshow, the escort's city and zip code, a checklist of the services provided and those not provided by the escort, pricing, and a brief description of the escort. To the right of an escortโ€™s profile are the contact buttons which you can use to reach out to escorts via phone, email, or Whatsapp.ย ย 

ย  ย  While the escorts on this site are generally of average quality, there is quite a good number to choose from and their profiles are well-detailed.ย 

The Streets Is My Home

ย  ย  Vivastreet is not entirely an escort services site, and for this reason, donโ€™t expect to see any Vivastreet escort asses welcoming you on this homepage. At first, youโ€™ll probably think you didnโ€™t key the URL into your browser correctly because itโ€™s all really a very wordy homepage. But, no fella, youโ€™re actually at the Vivastreet homepage. Letโ€™s take a stroll around this escort siteโ€™s homepage and see if we can declutter through the pile to finally find some pussy.

ย  ย  The Vivastsreet site has all its text written in French so a Google translator should come in handy if comprehending French isnโ€™t as easy for you as sticking it in a slit! Well youโ€™ll easily notice two search bars. One for searching the available service categories on this site and the other for narrowing your search to any location within Belgium. Shortly following this is a row of dropdown menus that contain different available service niches. The menu buttons read immovable, employment , training, vehicles, equipment, services, personal assistance, courses, lessons, tips and met.

ย  ย  Immediately following this is the post an ad button, under which follows the three subsections regions and cities, most popular cities, Vivastreet in the world, and partner.ย 

ย  ย  Overall, this escort site is not so easy to navigate, and its homepage is too choked with words.

What I Think About Vivastreet

ย  ย  While the escorts on this site are of average quality, they are good enough to send you off to wonderland so Alice doesnโ€™t have to suffer leaving her cunt unshaved. This site is a jack of all trades though and homepage is choked with writing.

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