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โœ“ Easy to navigate
โœ“ Many regions available
โœ˜ Few price information
โœ˜ Escorts are of low quality

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ย  ย  What kind of announcement is the site owner trying to make by naming this site Wanuncios, well it had better be something like; oh ye horny cocks, come over here Iโ€™ve got something good to offer to yโ€™all, cunts of different kinds, boobs of different sizes. Thatโ€™s the only valid announcement.

ย  ย  Hop on, and letโ€™s find out what kind of announcement it is.

Whatโ€™s Hidden Behind This Site

ย  ย  The Homepage of this site has so many texts. It is also plain and looks very simple. No form of photos, just texts written in blue fonts. The siteโ€™s logo just occupies the top part of the page and does basically nothing. On the other end, has a button that allows you to post free ads.

ย  ย  Next up is a search bar that allows you to search for an advert. You also get to filter the kind of advert you want to see, as well as the location where you want to get these ads from. The rest of the page is then covered in categories. I guess you might be wondering if this is still an escort ad; just keep following until you find out.

ย  ย  There are many categories, and all are different classified ads in Spain. There are different regions to choose from, both in Spain and outside Spain. The categories that are available here are Homes and Premises, Employment, Community, Services, classes and workshops, Contacts, the latest free ads, and post ads.

ย  ย  Each of these categories has options that befit their categories under them, but since you donโ€™t need the services of a cleaner, nor looking for a place to buy and sell, you might want to skip other categories and focus on contacts where you have options like casual relationship, boy seeking girl and vice versa, friendship and others.

ย  ย  I guess these options will lead you by your cock to where you can get escorts to satisfy your desire for company. Someone who can take off your stress by touching you where you least expected until your cock stands to sing her praises while asking for more. Well, letโ€™s find out what these options have to offer.

ย  ย  Clicking on any of these options takes you to another page where a list of profile thumbnails lies, and these thumbnails are listed out in accordance with their date of publication. You can choose to view more of these ads if the ones do not catch your attention; just click on the load more button beneath the list of escort ads.

ย  ย  Aside from the list of profile thumbnails, to the left is a list of locations that you can choose from to view escorts in that region. Thereโ€™s nothing so exciting about this page, aside from not having features; itโ€™s very dull.

What do These Escort Look Like?

ย  ย  The photos on the profile thumbnails of these escorts on the homepage of the site make it look as though these escorts are very low in quality, and the faces of these escorts are also blurred; maybe they want to take you by surprise upon meeting them, but I hope it doesn't get to the point of what I ordered versus what I received.

ย  ย  The location where escorts are needed is stated, and also the date of their ad publication. I wish to come across one whoโ€™s willing to suck on my cock till I nut in her mouth and then turn her around and hit it from behind, as my trophy award depends on it. I hope sheโ€™ll be able to handle this huge cock of mine with visible veins.

ย  ย  You can choose to view the photos of these escorts in a larger frame by clicking on the photo when you land on their homepage. The names of these escorts are not mentioned anywhere; just a few of them mention their names in their description. This description of theirs also contains information about their nationality, age, the kind of services they offer, etc. There is a contact button that allows you to contact the escort and a share button with which you can share the good news with other cocks that might be willing to go on the same adventure.

ย  ย  The number of times the ad has been viewed is also mentioned; you can also choose to edit, delete, or verify the ad. Similar ads are also displayed in case you want to check out another escort.

What Do These Escorts Want?

ย  ย  How nice would it feel to be in the company of an escort who knows exactly what to do and when to do it, something like softly massaging your shoulders, making sure not to hurt you, and then smoothly rubbing your chest while licking and sucking your nipples like it's her favorite candy flavor.

ย  ย  Imagine putting your head in between her bosom while she sits on your dick, slowly teasing you by grinding on it while you let out a soft moan because of how juicy and moist that cunt is. Sensational yeah? Snap back, and stop daydreaming. So these escorts would want a treat for being daddyโ€™s good girl, so just what do they desire?

ย  ย  The Oriental girls from China and Korea claim to be very clean and affectionate; they charge 70 Euros per hour, which equates to $75. Pretty fair if you ask me.

What I Think Of Wanuncios.com

ย  ย  Unless youโ€™re out of options or just want to go tour escort sites without any intention, just keep moving on and go on to check out other escort sites. The site is just too boring. Thereโ€™s nothing fun here.

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