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โœ“ Free to use
โœ“ Interactive site
โœ“ Detailed escort profile
โœ“ Less ads
โœ˜ Content per page feels overwhelming
โœ˜ No language options

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#1. Wenas Alternative


Chile is not just a cool place, it's also super safe. I mean, seriously, the crime rate there is crazy low. Sure, you might have to watch out for some petty crimes like muggings, pickpocketing, and bag snatching, but violent crimes? Nah, not a thing in Chile. Trust me, you won't have to worry about getting caught up in some crazy dangerous situation.

But then, hereโ€™s something to be scared of instead. You guessed it already, didnโ€™t you? Well, the answer is having a rockhard boner and no wet cunt to smash? Yeah thatโ€™s the answer pervert brethren! Terrible situation to be in! You don't want to be that guy and your penis sure doesn't want to be that penis either. So yeah, are you in Chile and looking to have some rib-cracking orgasm? If you're saying 'Yes' then I have something to show you. Something that will make you scream oh my fucked up lucky testicles! Well that's the escort site called Wenas.cl.

Wena.cl is one Chilean escort site and you can sure as hell tell I'll be digging deep and honestly into this site in my Wenas review. Well, we ain't here to wee but to smash some cunts and rid the universe of the stretched boners in our pants just one at a time. So you know the drill, stick that boner in this review before it gets in the wrong hole!

Priceless Babes

What happens when you're in Santiago and you have a boner? Do you go roaming the street in search of a whore? No, not at all, not with Wenas just a dickโ€™s length away from you. So yeah, the babes on this site can sustain a boner all through oneโ€™s visit to this site. They are really that good-looking.

So thereโ€™s Nicolle, a thin and cute Colombian available for outcalls in metropolitan Santiago. All you need to do is call, message her on WhatsApp or chat with her as a registered member and you can set up a romantic night at your convenience. If you're calling her for the first time, always remember to tell her you found her on Wenas and you're good to go. Funny enough I even saw a thumbnail that allows you to add her to a collection of your favorite babes in Chile, you know.

This is what a hardcore badass babe had to say when I visited her profile: “Are you into some intense, no-holds-barred action in the bedroom? Well, you've found the right person, my friend! I'm Anahรญ, and I'm all about being a total freak in bed. No worries or drama here, just pure pleasure. I absolutely love taking charge and showing you all the mind-blowing tricks I've learned over the years. Trust me, you're in for a wild ride! Let's explore all the sexual pleasures together, starting right nowโ€ฆ" Now this is definitely what I like to call my cup of tea and my testicles' place of comfort and true peace. Gentle dicks and blue balls, I sure tell you I was blown away!

But if you're with me you must have noticed I didn't drop any hint on what your bank details should be like when you think of rolling with these hotties. Yeah, I know, it's no mistake neither did you skip it, you have to engage a babe to get your bill all figured out as you can't find it on this site and that's not too cool for me but yeah for this site, it's acceptable.

Anyways, I can't leave you uninformed, on the low end you need about 4160 pesos/ 50 USD and 8330 pesos / 100 USD on average to be happy in Chile and really thatโ€™s most likely what the escorts on this site will charge.

Home Smart Home

From the homepage I got the impression that Wenas is where you should be heading to every time you want to dig deep, you know. Wenas has a beautiful, colorful and yet simple homepage and every one that stops by would definitely love it. It's originally written in Spanish and sadly, there's really no language option anywhere. There is a search bar right at the top so you can basically search for your wildest imagination. And just below that is a search by city filter to help drag your balls over the site chasing the cunts a little faster.

Then you get to see all the beautiful, eye-catching escort ads scattered just on the homepage so you can easily dive right into action without wasting much of your time. Not too much text rather you get dozens of photos displaying juicy ass escorts available for both incall and outcall services.

Wenas Ass Listings

The profile thumbnails here are seriously detailed. Although, you only get a glimpse of an escort's basic info, and then you have to click for more. Once you click on a profile you get the whole documentation about an escort. I mean, they even tell you how to take your testicles for a ride up some escorts' asses! And yeah, you can find their contact details on their profile pages, but clicking that complete registration button is where the real action happens. As a registered member of Wenas you get to chat with these beauties right on site. For me this is by far the coolest feature on this site. However, the downside is the time it even takes to get registered. Why get registered at all?

So, on these escorts' profile pages, you'll see their names and a bunch of photos. And right below the photos, you'll find all the juicy details. They've got the rates, phone numbers, bios, a list of services they offer, and even a reviews section at the bottom. There must be a CIA on this site's design team. Lol. The escort profiles here are pretty well detailed and very informative.

What I Think About Wenas

Well, as a crazy pervert who enjoys going down the hot and wet pussy streets of dear mother earth, I can't say I don't love what is on offer at Wenas.cl but it's 100 anyways. There are beautiful babes, different colors and specs, definitely there's something for everyone I know.

Besides the active volcanoes in this country, you're gonna have your best time here! I assure you of that! Enjoy and have fun with the beautiful ladies that are so willing to give you your sexual fetishes.

So what more could you ask for? There are a lot more I can't really tell you about but if you want to satisfy your desires in Chile then you can take my word for it, Wenas is cool.

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