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What Is A Rub and Tug?

Erotic Massage store front

A rub and tug refers to a happy ending massage. It can also be used to refer to places where such massages are available. The name comes from the fact that at such places clients are stripped and given a massage. Should they be in the mood, their male member is tugged on and persuaded to wriggle and pour out some sticky fluids.

Rub and tug joints are prevalent all over the world and are quite easy to recognize, with services offered ranging from blowjobs to handjobs and just about every type of sexual activity. However, they tend to never advertise the sexual aspect of their business and instead promote themselves as massage parlors where folks can go to get the stresses and terrors of everyday life massaged and pounded out of them.

Some of these joints have no signs at their entrance, employ women of all ages, and more than a few are located in residential areas. Some are open till the early hours of the morning, while others offer their services 24/7 to an appreciative clientele. Enter as you will and have fun. It is that simple!

When you set foot in a rub and tug joint, it is usually the case that the person in charge lets you choose from the different masseurs on offer. These girls have different capabilities and not all offer the same services. Some will look old enough to be your grandma, while others might seem barely legal. All are usually licensed massage therapists and are thus skilled at doing things that will make your body sing.

You usually pay and shower before the action commences and at the end of it all get another shower to wash away all icky body fluids.

What is a Bathhouse?

A bathhouse has many similarities to a rub and tug, They also usually have a receptionist at the front of the establishment who will greet you, they do have rooms available with just massage tables and most importantly they also are known for making sure you leave with a happy ending!ย 

A bathhouse is probably one step up than a rub and tug, The women also do offer massages and certain relaxation techniques to pamper you. Most rooms do include jacuzzies that can fit at least 3 people.ย 

Typically when you enter they will either show you a binder with images of the girls working, or in some cases they will call each girl out one by one so you can select your preferred woman. Once the women is selected you choose the type of room which usually varies from 45-80 per hour (not including tip).

Tipping can really depend on the type of happy ending you want , That part is usually negotiated between you and the lady in the room with you, You could expect anywhere from 30-100$ for a fair tip.ย 

Bathhouses are a nice experience and are definitely recommended if you ever come across one and you have the extra cash!

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