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What Is It Like To Hire An Escort?

Sexy Escort on Couch

What would you do if a slice of heaven was within reach and rather affordable to someone of your means? You would buy as much of that as you could, and enjoy yourself to the fullest, right? Well, thatโ€™s pretty much what it is like to hire and spend time with an escort of your choice, who gets paid to make any fantasy of yours come true and show you the real meaning of sublime happiness and ecstasy combined!

Hiring an escort makes every bit of sense and for a lot of reasons. The whole hiring process is generally easy and stress-free and you can conveniently book these sexy chicks on phone or via the net. Once you both are done negotiating and you have set forth your needs and expectations, you get to visit your chosen escort or have them come to see you wherever you might be at the moment.

Usually when you walk through the door in their hotel room it could be a little intimidating at first (Depending on your experience of course) but the escort will always try to make you feel relaxed, its their business to deal with new clients everyday. Right off the bat you can expect her to confirm how long you want to stay with her, she will likely ask for the โ€œcompanionship" fee up front.

The escorts usually don't like to waste too much time at the beginning, if you're sitting there a little clueless of what to do. The escort will usually ask you to start taking off your clothes as she is getting fully naked herself. Oftentimes she might even ask you to take a quick shower first.

Then as you can expect, the escorts top priority is to get you hard. (If you're not already). They will usually ask you to lay on your back on a clean towel on the bed so they can start doing their magic with you. After it's all done and set the escort usually has no problem hanging out with
you and talking until your time is up. Once your time is up, they will kindly remind you.

If you're getting an escort today.. Lucky you! Be sure to show up on time, come with protection just in case, and be willing to shower when asked to. Your escort is bound to be clean and in the mood to take excellent care of you and your needs, Be prepared to have a little extra cash on you in case you wanna go for a second round or push the clock a bit further back.

Just relax, because your escort is there to see that you fully enjoy your own tender share of paradise!

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