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    Our bodies were built to be sated, reasons why after food and shelter, pundai is another thing a real man craves. You’re on the right path when you go pussy hunting right before going to a new city or immediately you get there. The more intense the experience, the better. You want a pink pussy that grabs onto your dick for dear life while draining you thoroughly.

    I’m going to take you through one of the exclusive Singaporean escort agencies— WhiskyMistEscorts.com. Famous for their elite and enthralling escorts, they have quite the buzz about them. So stay with me and we ride through this Whisky Mist Escorts review.

Exquisite pussies aren’t cheap

    On Whisky Mist Escorts, there’s a sort of refreshing openness while still being discreet that is hard to find anywhere else. The escort fees can be found up front, alongside a brief description of the escort and what you can expect when you book her.

    Fuck the homepage, the first thing I noticed about this agency is how expensive these hoes are… like yoooo. Prices range from SGD1200 to SGD2000 per hour! Yikes… but then again, we are looking at a premium and luxury escort agency with tons of people hiring them.

    Olivia is an Indian-Arabian beauty in her early 20’s. For S$1200 an hour, she’s willing to break all stereotypical boundaries and make sure all levels of pleasure are fully explored. Slim with caramel skin, she brings all your exotic fantasies to life.

    Faye is another babe who can take you on the wings of pleasure when she’s not working at her job as a flight attendant. If you’ve ever dreamed of fucking one of those hotties, then you’re in luck. When you shell out S$1200 for your first hour, Faye will make sure to take you to heights that only before existed in your imagination.

    Worth mentioning that you can hire not just local escorts from WhiskyMistEscorts.com, but also international hoes. If you’re looking at the “Local Escorts” and “International ” pages, you can get escorts quite affordable for the kind of value they bring to the table.

    Now, if your proclivities are more expensive, you can check out the “Exclusive” section for a more VIP-themed experience… oh boy.

Classy meets Hot

    Whenever you think about clandestine meetings with women supposedly way out of your league, you mostly think about hot women with legs that stretch to infinity and skin so beautiful you could eat off it. Well, these are the kind of hotties you’ll find on WhiskyMistEscorts.com.

    In the various sections, you’d see faceless pictures of various escorts displayed alongside their name, age, race, body types, and sometimes proclivities all in a very discreet manner. Almost all the escorts are the kind of gorgeous that would make you shell out all the cash in your wallet just to have them in your bed for a night.

    The escort image thumbnails each show an image of the escort with her head blurred out or invisible, her name, rates, age, and whatever is special about her. These thumbnails also come with descriptions like New Model, Pageant Winner, etc. Both escorts and prospective clients are verified and that’s really cool.

    Now this is where I find this shit annoying, it’s super discrete! I mean, it’s good and bad but I believe if I’m about to drop a large sum of cash on a hoe, I should see what she looks like at least. And a review as well, yep, there is not a single review section in sight.

    You’d have to be verified before you can see full pictures of your chosen escort or even get in touch with her. Even though that might be a hassle if you’re just trying to get a quick fuck and move to the next slut, I believe it’s an experience worth having at least once… if you don’t mind at least.

What I think about WhiskyMistEscorts.com

    Trust me, there are a lot of things in my head right now and the summary is—it’s not worth it. There are just a lot of things wrong, it’s expensive, there’s a lot of stress involved just to see the hoe you are trying to hire and there are no even reviews on the site.

    A lot of people use it, but I don’t think it’s worth your precious time, so why don’t you check out other escort sites in Singapore listed on this platform?

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