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โœ“ Clean site design
โœ“ Detailed descriptions
โœ“ Loads of escort ads
โœ“ Prices are often listed
โœ˜ No review section
โœ˜ Escorts are not verified

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ย  ย  Costa Rica is by far Central America's top choice for a tropical vacationโ€ฆ especially when you have a nice-looking chick right beside you to caress your thighs, make your back soft, and do an even softer massage on the lil guy between your legsโ€ฆ we say Pura vida!
The escorts in Costa Rica are freaky as heck and when you find the right one, they can even go overnight riding you like a rodeo haha. But when hiring these escorts, Wilas is one of those escort sites in Costa Rica with loads of options. And today, iโ€™ll be going through the basics and give you some details based on my experience using Wilas.com.

ย  ย  Letโ€™s dive into this Wilas review.

Spaced out Kitties and Tiddies

ย  ย  Mi hermano, these chicks are something else on the sheets, especially when their tiddies start flapping up and down like the soft ears of a sausage dog on the run. I was on a deep date with a chick last week and hell boy! The ride in the car was super amazing, we probably charged the batteries with the way the car was bouncing haha.

ย  ย  But letโ€™s talk about the escorts on Wilas.com. The first thing youโ€™ll notice when you visit the site is the nice front page with different escorts displayed. You can either scroll till the end of the page and load more escorts or simply search by city or keywordโ€ฆ and you can also select what category you want to use.

ย  ย  These are some nice and easy navigation that make escort sites in Costa Rica goodโ€ฆ or should I say some? Anyways, this makes it easy to select or filter through different options without spending too much time searching or just roaming around the website.

ย  ย  As for the escorts, there are loads of escort ads on Wilasโ€ฆ no kidding, I donโ€™t think I have ever gotten to the end of the list haha. They include the cheap ones and the escorts on the upscale side of things.

ย  ย  Most of the chicks on Wilas.com have their prices listed, but to spell it out, the average is somewhere around โ‚ก 30,000 โ€“ โ‚ก 40,000 per hour, I donโ€™t think I have ever gone above this range.

ย  ย  But of course, you can find cheaper options, around โ‚ก 15,000 can get your nuts sucked for the night without issues. And if you wanna go all out for the night, dude, you might have to cough up around โ‚ก 90,000 for these Costa Rican escorts haha.

Sexy Ticas Left and Right (cont)

ย  ย  With the number of sexy escorts in Costa Rica listed on Wilas, itโ€™s only natural to have a question about their qualities and how well they can please you for the price you pay.

ย  ย  I have come across quite a number of chicks from Wilas.com, spent a night with them, and even heard what some of the boys are saying on the streets. The escorts on this platform can do more than half of what they promise, or perhaps most of the escorts haha.

ย  ย  Take Dayanna for example, sheโ€™s a beautiful escort in Costa Rica and can either meet you in person or give you a nice online service. From experience? Sheโ€™s got one hell of an ass and she knows how to drop that load on your thighs and glide it back and forth till you tap out. Quality stuffโ€ฆ

ย  ย  Jessica is another amazing chick on the Wilas escort siteโ€ฆ sheโ€™s 21 and sheโ€™s got the kitty of a goddessโ€”itโ€™s fresh, pink, tasty, and juicy. Oh, you canโ€™t hit it without a condom though, haha. Sheโ€™s got those crazy skills and can do things like erotic massages, anal, role-playing, threesome, and so on.

ย  ย  Jessica, Dayanna, Amber, and some other chicks I had the privilege of getting with on Wilas were fantasticโ€ฆ and in my opinion, this represents the quality of escorts you can find on the platform. Although the lack of a review section puts a dent in that claim haha, and for real, I believe having a review section is very important for escort sites in Costa Rica.

ย  ย  Apart from the absence of a review section, another thing I find to be a letdown on Wilas is how they donโ€™t verify the escort ads. While there are phone numbers and pictures to help make a decision, the absence of a verified tag on these profiles can often lead to the other side, especially on a site like this where there are loads of escort ads and itโ€™s super easy to post an ad.

What I think about Wilas.com

ย  ย  I think Wilas is one of those escort sites in Costa Rica with a lot of juices and values and if used properly, you can avoid the spams and get the golden chicks to peck on your wood. To do this properly, you might wanna check out the guide we have created for you on escortsites.org, check it out Amigo!

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