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#1. XFinder Alternative


ย  ย  The site name sounds like an algebra solution. It says x finder, mathematically meaning that one could use this site to find the X of an equation. If that were to be the case, this site owner would have all escorts to himself because the cash he would earn as a result of traffic on this site would be enormous. But then, that would be too selfish of him to want to keep all escorts to himself. Imagine not having to hold those breasts and not sucking them, or even not getting to feel the warmth of the walls of their pussy. Hell, nah, I would not want that to happen.

ย  ย  Well, letโ€™s find out what this site has to offer our cocks. So, hop on this train, and letโ€™s do this together.

The Homepage of the Finder

ย  ย  The homepage of this site, at first glance, looks like a site running an undies advertisement because of the ladies who stand side by side in different colors of undies. Taking a second look at these ladies, their bodies are perfectly toned and chiseled; they look like they want to go home with me, and I definitely wouldnโ€™t mind that.

ย  ย  The homepage looks serene and simple like nothing is going on here; this is the impression it gives until you scroll down to behold the features of the site; then you know that, indeed, it is an escort site. The site looks cool anyway, and the choice of color combos, too, is really nice.

ย  ย  The register and login button for existing users and non-users, respectively, sits on the top right side of the page, and a menu bar that has a list of options follows suit. Options such as discreet apartments, language options, etc., and then to the right is the site logo.

ย  ย  The next feature is the advertise button, escort services, and discreet apartment buttons. A welcome message awaits you. It simply says welcome to Xfinder; find love for a night. I like the sound of that; it sounds more like letโ€™s have mad fun while the night lasts and then go our separate ways in the morning.

ย  ย  Further scrolling reveals how many opinions and ratings this site has, and the numbers are very impressive. There are different categories here, from top girls to the latest reviews, sex stories, and finding love for a night. It is quite bad and very disappointing that none of these categories are accessible. Just like the top of the page, the near bottom side of the page, to the left, also has the escort service and discreet apartments buttons.

ย  ย  The bottom part of the page simply holds a blog post on this site and also tends to give answers to any question you might have. It also holds an ad for his site. It says that you can download the Xfinder app on your mobile devices for easy access.

ย  ย  This has to be the highlight of the site because not all sites have this. This site is quite easy to navigate, and then everything about it seems to be cool, except for the fact that there are no profile thumbnails of escorts here to keep me company while I pat my boner on the head, preparing it for a wanking session. You just have to plead with your boner to accompany you on your search for these escorts.

Where are The Escorts of This Site?

ย  ย  Little wonder where these escorts are hidden. As much as I love to play hide and seek and be adventurous, I hate when my meal is being delayed. I should be close to jerking off by now from the sight of irresistible cunts and boobs that would do anything to be noticed, not going around looking for grown ladies with big asses.

ย  ย  Well, I donโ€™t have a choice but to search for these escorts. So, letโ€™s click on escort services and see if they are hidden here. The landing page of escort services shows a tab to the right that allows you to choose or select a city and region where you need these escorts. After this, you may proceed to view the page.

ย  ย  Of course, escorts are hidden here, as well as under the discreet apartment button. There is something really interesting about this site, and it is the fact that there are only two escorts on this site, like a whole escort site has just two escorts. So pathetic.

ย  ย  There are no escorts to choose from, no escort to drool over their alluring bodies and lust after, wishing you could have them to yourself till you get tired, just two. These two escorts are not even so hot; they are of low quality, and they do not look like they know this job so well. They look like novices.

ย  ย  At this point, it is safe to say that this site is not just confusing but very suspicious. Well, the profile of the available escorts has nothing to show or boast of; just one has enough photos to keep you from getting angry while viewing her profile, and the other seems to be nonchalant.

ย  ย  There is a request for details and send a message button on the profiles of these escorts, and in order to complete this action, you will need an active telegram account.

ย  ย  I am pretty disappointed as I expected more from this site.

The Escort Rates

ย  ย  These escorts donโ€™t have anything to boast of on their profiles, and a price rate inclusive. If you must know, escorts here should charge between $50 and $100, and this is an estimate from other Israeli escort sites.

What I Think Of Xfinder4.com

ย  ย  Avoid this site in totality if you are in a hurry or you want something for relaxation.

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